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Fire Products
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Gaskets-C: "C" Style Replacement Gaskets

The standard style gasket, with a "C" shape configuration, is the most commonly used. It is provided as the standard gasket in the Figure 577, 705, and 707 GRINNELL G-FIRE Couplings. The gasket is available in Grade "A" EPDM.
Grade "E" is also available for certain applications

Data Sheet: TFP1895

Gaskets-71: Flange Adapter Replacement Gaskets

This gasket is specifically designed for use with the Figure 71 Flange Adaptor. The gasket has an optimum amount of rubber to provide a dependable seal between both the pipe and mating surface. The gasket is available in Grade "E" EPDM.

Data Sheet: TFP1895

Gaskets-716: Reducing Coupling Replacement Gaskets

The reducing gasket is provided with ribs used to position the larger pipe so that the sealing lip is located on the sealing surface of the pipe. This gasket is used only with the Figure 716 GRINNELL Reducing Coupling and is available in Grade "E" EPDM.

Data Sheet: TFP1895

Gaskets-730: Outlet Fitting Replacement Gaskets

The gasket provides a compression type seal, which is designed to conform to the exterior curve (OD) of the pipe. This design is unique to both the Figure 730 & 522 Outlet Fittings (threaded and grooved). The gasket is available in Grade "E" EPDM.

Data Sheet: TFP1895

Lubricants: GRINNELL Gasket Lubricants

During installation of a GRINNELL Coupling, always lubricate the gasket. For couplings using the tri-seal gasket in a low temperature application, use a petroleum-free silicone based lubricant. For mechanical tees and straps when used in low temperature applications, use a petroleum-free silicone based lubricant, otherwise no lubricant is required.

Data Sheet: TFP1895

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