160+ Years
Developing Quality Grooved Piping
Solutions and Products
to Fit your Needs

Save Time & Reduce Costs
Using our GRINNELL Technical
Services Team to Help Design your
Grooved Piping Solution

10-Year Limited Warranty
Supporting All GRINNELL Products
with an Industry-Leading 10-year
Limited Warranty

4,500+ Employees
Offering Worldwide Support
Throughout the Life Cycle of
the Project (Engineering, Sales and
Manufacturing Personnel)

Providing Training to Thousands
of Customers Each Year in our
State-of-the-Art Facilities

About GRINNELL Products

GRINNELL, a premium brand of Johnson Controls International, delivers quality piping solutions for a full range of applications. Available products offer contractors, engineers, and distributors faster, more cost effective tools for joining pipe over traditional welding methods. Innovative GRINNELL products include couplings, fittings, mechanical tees, valves, and accessories. Comprehensive, competitively priced engineering and planning support services provide labor and cost savings. All GRINNELL products are backed by an industry-leading 10-year limited warranty.