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Fire Products
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BFV-N: Grooved Butterfly Valves Fire Protection

The GRINNELL Model BFV-N Butterfly Valve provides for efficient control of on/off or throttling/balancing service, fluid flow, and "bubble tight" shut-off in piping systems. Flow can be from either direction and the valve may be positioned in any orientation. The valve is furnished with grooved ends for use with grooved couplings and can be easily adapted to flanged components using GRINNELL Figure 71 Class 150 Flange Adapters.

BFV-300: Butterfly Valve Grooved End

The TYCO Models BFV-300 (Normally Open) and BFV-300C (Normally Closed) Grooved End Butterfly Valves are indicating type valves designed for use in fire protection systems where a visual indication is required as to whether the valve is open or closed. They are used, for example, as system, sectional and pump water control valves. They have grooved inlet and outlet connections that are suitable for use with grooved end pipe couplings that are listed and approved for fire protection systems.

Data Sheet: TFP1511

CV-1F: Grooved Check Valve

The GRINNELL Model CV-1F Check Valve is a compact, rugged swing-type unit providing water flow in one direction and preventing flow in the opposite direction. It is manufactured with a ductile iron body, nickel-plated seat and a stainless steel clapper assembly for sizes 2 to 8 inch (60.3 to 219,1 mm), and a ductile iron clapper assembly for sizes 10 to 12 inch (273.0 to 323,9 mm). Designed to minimize water hammer caused by flow reversal, the valve is furnished with grooved ends for installation with GRINNELL Grooved Couplings or Flanged Adapters.

Data Sheet: TFP1550 Install Sheet: TFP1555

CV-300B: Grooved End Swing Check Valves

The TYCO Model CV-300B Grooved End Swing Check Valves are compact and rugged swing-type units that allow water flow in one direction and prevent flow in the opposite direction. A resilient elastomer seal facing on the spring-loaded clapper ensures a leak tight seal and non-sticking operation. The Model CV-300B Check Valves are designed to minimize water hammer caused by flow reversal.

Data Sheet: TFP1552

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