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Construction of a new terminal (T3) in the Delhi International Airport, the 8th largest airport in the world, was built in record time using GRINNELL G-Fire Products. The completion of the third terminal was necessary to accommodate the overwhelming number of passengers the airport struggled to service. Before T3 was built, Delhi International Airport was over its capacity by approximately 4 million passengers a day. Speed of installation and occupancy were crucial to the development of this project. The contractor, Minimax Germany, knew that it had to work quickly to complete this job without disrupting services at existing terminals. Using GRINNELL G-Fire Products allowed Minimax Germany to install the mechanical system quickly and easily, saving time and dramatically cutting labor costs.

GRINNELL G-Fire Products are assembled onto a standard groove. They do not require special tools or additional training to complete the job making it simple to install. The GRINNELL G-Fire system reduces installation cost by up to 30% when compared to welding and soldering, allowing contractors to cut labor costs and stay within budget. GRINNELL G-Fire couplings and fi ttings allow an installer to fabricate onsite which allows the contractor to drive labor effi ciencies and overcome complex problems and obstacles to accommodate retrofi ts. Using GRINNELL G-Fire Products was a major contributor towards the early completion of the Delhi International Airport.

With over 160 years experience in developing piping solutions and products, GRINNELL G-Fire Products are proven to save time and reduce cost through faster, easier installation and cutting the cost of labor.


MARKET: Airport Fire Systems




  • G-Fire Couplings & Fittings
  • Sizes: 50.8mm - 152.4mm (2" - 6")

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