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GRINNELL Mechanical Products, a division Tyco International, worked closely with mechanical contractor SSM Industries, Inc. (SSMI) to deliver a truly unique and cost-effective solution for Unilife Corporation. SSM Industries, Inc. utilized GRINNELL Mechanical Products, providing robust piping systems to accommodate 170,000 square feet of offices and assembly lines, equipped to produce up to 360 million units of life-saving devices a year.

SSMI's market is predominantly composed of non-unionized mechanical contractors, making it very difficult for unionized shops such as SSM Industries, Inc. to compete effectively for bids. Since grooved couplings, fittings and valves can be installed 2-3 times faster than welded systems, SSMI was able to propose a competitive grooved system, win the Unilife project, and stay within tight project budgets and timelines. "GRINNELL Mechanical Product' grooved product saved us a lot of money, significantly cut labor time, and even eliminated the need for multiple expansion loops."

Why were GRINNELL products chosen?
Perhaps the biggest contributing factor was the GRINNELL Technical Services (GTS) team, a group composed of engineers and technical personnel with decades of experience in mechanical design and optimization. GRINNELL Technical Services was able to help SSMI meet incredibly tight timelines including a limited number of weeks for installation. GTS designed a comprehensive drawing package to enable SSMI to install the entire piping system while waiting for the system's pumps and equipment to arrive, which typically have a 6-10 week lead time.

LOCATION: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

MARKET: Healthcare and Medicine



  • 2.5" - 12" grooved products

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