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THE 4100 BUILDING, Miami FL Download PDF
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GRINNELL Mechanical Products worked with contractor Archon Air Management to coordinate the construction of a new business building in Miami, Florida with distributor Lehman Pipe Supply. "The 4100 Building" will house several small businesses, creating jobs and value in the southern Florida community. GRINNELL Mechanical Products created a cost-effective piping system that exceeded the contractor's requirements and expectations.

GRINNELL Grooved Mechanical Products were a perfect fit for the job, eliminating the need to weld, while enabling the contractor to quickly connect pipe in a portion of the installation time typically used for a welded system. Archon Air Management installed GRINNELL B302 Butterfly Valves, along with 2"- 6" standard grooved couplings and fittings. Flawless design and prefabrication of the products used allowed Archon to seamlessly install a condensate water and AC system. These systems consisted of two cooling towers, one dual arm pump, and thirty-five water source heat pump AC units, all customized according to building specifications. GRINNELL Mechanical Products unique grooved designs helped contractors adhere to strict project deadlines.

The precision and coordination shown by Lehman Pipe Supply helped clinch the job for GRINNELL Technical Services. Before the product ever reached the jobsite, Lehman Pipe Supply was able to assemble orders exactly to the drawing schedule specifications and tag each individually for the customer. This added value by significantly cutting timeand labor costs. The contractor was able to exactly pull the required products for each phase, greatly reducing jobsite clutter and waste. Lehman Pipe Supply was able to organize, label, and tag the pipes in a controlled environment prior to shipping them directly to the jobsite.

What made Grinnell Mechanical Products standout was the complete integration of its products and services. Once Archon Air Management received the material schedules, they were able to determine the amount of time that GRINNELL Technical Services coordination and installation packages would save. Archon Air Management team members, Carlos Romero, Vice President, and Alvin Ordonez, Estimator both exclaimed they were "very impressed with the coordination of Grinnell Mechanical Service's drawing services and distributor (Lehman Pipe Supply)." Due to the expertise of the GRINNELL Technical Services team, Archon Air Management guaranteed they would continue to choose GRINNELL Products and Services and Lehman Pipe Supply moving forward for all grooved projects.

LOCATION: Miami, Florida


DISTRIBUTOR: Lehman Pipe Supply

CONTRACTOR: Archon Air Management

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